The Pleyseville Militia

Charlies last day

As we arrive back to town the Captain congratulates us on our success and tells us to get some rest.

So to find something to do Justin suggests searching for the Purple Wurm that ate our camels before finding the Earthquake dragon. After a day spent searching we decide to spend the night in the entrance of the cave of tits. The following morning we continue further down into the cave searching for clues about the succubus. We come across a trio of Hippogrif, that Scotty, Justin and Ryld Argith attempt to tame. About the time we get the beasts to calm down, Charlie, standing guard gets tackled by a young Copper dragon who Steve immediately restrains. We eventually tell the Copper about the Black dragons hoard and give it leave to collect the loot we could not claim for ourselves. While the Copper is off collecting we bond and practice riding our new Hippogrif mounts. This leads to a truce of sorts, we give the dragon items we are unable to use in exchange for usable information. His first payment is the rumor that the succubus we are searching for headed to the south.

We head decide to head back to town before heading southward to get camels for those without flying mounts (Charlie & Steve). When we arrive back to town the Captain rushes up to tell us there is a dire situation that requires our immediate attention. We quickly follow the directions the Captain supplies us. When we cross the threshold of the house we were all instantly transported to some random bit of desert with a gargantuan Purple Wurm towering over us.

Justin leads the way up to the Wurm, giving away his position, the wurm lunges forward clamping onto Justin but he manages to bring his glaive to bear stabbing the Wurm in the mouth. Ryld Argith flew into the air on my hippogriff, to get used to it, and kept dropping my trident on the wurm. The wurm ending up killing itself by attacking Scotty instead of Justin.

We decide to head towards a river as it’s the only landmark we can see. Resting for the night Charlie, on guard, see a few wild animals but nothing of note. We then follow the river upstream, to the south, until we find game trails the look exactly like the trails we found left by those entranced by the succubus. We follow the trails till we arrive at The Shrine of Tits.

Failing the stealth check as we approach, the succubus announces we should come in. We go in, Ryld Argith take it upon my self to talk shit with the succubus, ending with me on the ground with a velociraptor grinning down at me. In response Ryld Argith summon my sphere of darkness, Steve get dominated. Ryld Argith action point, and manage to kill the raptor then have the corpse and Steve switch places. Under the influence of the succubus Steve lights a fire under my ass. The succubus then transforms into Scotty, the quasit demon also shows back up and starts dazing people. Ryld Argith very convinced that Scotty is actually the succubus, till he finally heals me. The evil ranger takes a potshot at my hippogriff before he runs off. Then its Charlies turn to get dominated, then he mounts the nightmare, laughing manically. Charlie and the succubus then disappear out through a secret trapdoor. We attempt to interrogate the quasit demon, failing to do so we end up killing it. We travel out through the hidden side tunnel, Charlie, the nightmare, and the succucbus are no where to be seen…

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Last time on...

When we last left our heroes a dark cloud had formed above the formerly well-oiled, dragon-slaying, neighboring-village-problem-solving, machine. Taking form of a former compatriot riding a dark horse… (note; not a pale horse, wrong campaign setting)


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